Minutes from April 18, 2019


April 18, 2019

We opened with the Bonhoeffer reading and Allan led us in a prayer.

Members present
Bert Ackermann
Kit Barrett
Larry Beach
Roy Biberdorf
Larry Crowson
Rick Deaderick
Allen Douglass
Monty Harris
Jim Hodge
Emmitt Howard
Joe Johnston
Ed Lester
Danny Maddox
Aron Mast
Andrew Morehead
Greg O’Connor
Herky Payne
Jim Phillips
Sam Rotolo
John Threadgill
Curtis Tipton
Bob Wadley
Royd Walker
Terry Wertz
Allan Willoughby
Bill Wood
Jim Wright
Jim Wright gave an appeal for drivers to pickup food for the FISH pantry. Sign the list if you are interested and Dvid Lovett will be in touch with you to work out the details.
Sancks for the retreat:water (90), kettle chips, tortilla chips, salsa, nuts, cheddar cheese wedge (2), triscuts, ice, cups (5oz). We’ll have beer and sancks in the van
Family Promise Golf Tournament: May 17, Friday, 9:00 AM, Williams Creek Golf Course. We are a $250 Hole Sponsor.
Smokin’ Brothers: season the meat tomorrow at 4:00 PM at Ascension. Danny and I will be here at 6:30 AM on Saturday to smoke the meat. We’ll need  men to wrap the meat about noon on Saturday. People will start picking up meat at 12:00 – 2:00 PM PM. We will sell the tenderloin for $15.00 each both on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning after the services. There will be 100 tenderloin and when they are goen, they are gone.
Justice Knox: Nehemiah Rally, Monday, May 6 at Central UMC. Michael Anderson will be here April 25, 7: 00 PM to 8:30 PM at Church Street UMC.
There will a meeting here at Ascnedioin on April 28 after the 10:30 AM Service
If  you are bringing people with you to the Nehemiah meeting, get a card from Greg.
Tyson House this Sunday. Sam will pickup the food. Bert, Mary, Terry and Donna will set up and serve the food at 6:04 PM.
Knoxville Museum of Art: Artist on Location, Awards Reception and Art Sale, Saturday, April 27, 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Cash Bar
Program: “Lent Isn’t Rocket Science”, discussion led by Curtis Tipton
Program next week: Bob Hawthorne, memories of Commanding a Submarine
Breakfast next week: Larry Crowson
Prayer requests
Paul and Mary Lee B ergeron
Jim and Pam Brock
Bob Barnes
Ned and Beth Patterson
Jim Wright
Erin Goble’s children
Ed Lester as he leads a discussion on Resurrection on April 28
Thanks from Jim Wright for the support he has received
Phillip Sharp, Greg’s friiend who died this week
Linda Hawley
Joe and Suellen
Thanksgiviing for our brotherhood and those who are not here today
Thank you Curtis for a great presesntion
Ditmar Krancer, friend of Larry Crowson who died suddenly this week and leaves a wife and 2 daughters
Bob Hawthorne
We closed with the Prayer of St Andrews
Olivia Johnson