Parish News from Sunday, April 1, 2018

Parish News

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General Community News

The white rose on the altar is given in celebration for the birth of Margaret Reath, granddaughter of David and Lisa Reath.

Acts of the Apostles – Wisdom for the Church in a New Age // Beginning April 11, 6:45 pm, Parish Hall // Luke the Evangelist wrote the book of Acts for “lovers of God” in the first century. Nevertheless, there is much wisdom in the stories of those first fledging Christians for people who are striving to follow Jesus in the 21st Century. Come hear tales of shipwreck, miracles, significant conflict, and amazing appearances of the Holy Spirit, reconciliation and redemption in the pages of this amazing book. Helpful, but not mandatory to bring your favorite version of the Bible to this offering. 

Ascension Trekkers Head to Chestnut Top Ridge Trail // The Ascension Trekkers are an adventurous, intergenerational group of hikers of all abilities. Whether you like to engage in the Japanese shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) or need to stretch your legs and exercise, the Ascension Trekkers maintains a variegated menu of hiking options. Join the Ascension Trekkers this Wednesday, April 4, as they seek the spring wildflowers in the Smokies on Chestnut Top Ridge from the Townsend Y down Schoolhouse Gap Trail.  This is a moderate hike requiring a shuttle car arrangement.  Departure time from the church is 9:00 am.  Contact Emily Vreeland ( to RSVP or for questions. Make sure to mention whether you would like to be on the periodic e-newsletter!

Episcopal Church Women Formation Luncheon // Thursday, May 3, 11:30 am, Home of Pat Rutenberg, 3663 Woodland Dr. Knoxville, TN 37919 // Ascension’s very own Pat Rutenberg will host a luncheon at her home to begin the formation of an active Episcopal Church Women (ECW) chapter at Ascension. If you are interested in working toward this formation, please consider joining us for lunch and discussion. We invite all women of the church to come and join in this endeavor. If you wish to attend, please RSVP via email or voice mail to Virginia Branum in the Ascension parish office ( or 865-588-0589 ext. 226). You can catch Virginia on Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm and on Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Brotherhood of Saint Andrew: Smoked Pork Tenderloins // Smoked pork tenderloins will be available for pick-up today after services. These are the larger 2-3 pound tenderloins. The designated benefactor of this round of fundraising is the Ascension Youth Program (suggested donation of $15 per tenderloin). They also freeze well for future dinners and parties! Make sure to head to the foyer to get your tenderloins!

Stephen Ministry Registration // Stephen Ministry is a lay ministry of people who have been trained to provide confidential, one-on-one support to members of our parish who are experiencing a transition, life challenge, or crises. This individualized care and companionship is designed to offer prayer, listening, exploring feelings and sharing Christ’s love. If you feel called to providing such care to the congregation, information and applications can be found at the communications counter in the parish office. 

Parish Supper // Wednesday, April 4, 6:00 pm, Parish Hall // This week’s parish supper features Hot Chicken Casserole, sautéed squash, zucchini, and onion, mixed greens salad with mandarin oranges and feta cheese, with bread and dessert. Pricing is $10/adult and $5/child. Please sign-up in the parish office or by emailing 

FOMA: The Edison Trio // Tuesday, April 24, 7:30 pm // Friends of Music and the Arts will present the final concert on this year’s series when The Edison Trio performs the trios of Beethoven, Turina, and Arensky. The concert is presented free of charge. 

The Sisterhood // The Sisterhood is an informal gathering of women of the Ascension community that meet at a local restaurant or home to socialize and have great food. In April, the Sisterhood will go to Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant on Thursday, April 19, at 6:00 pm. The address is 11299 Parkside Drive, Knoxville in Turkey Creek! Please RSVP to Karen McKinney, or call 865-548-7429 by April 16.

Maundy Thursday Thank You // On behalf of the Ascension Clergy, Staff, and Members, a huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped with the Maundy Thursday dinner.

Worship Book Drive Thanks // Thank you to the following people for participating in the worship book drive: Kathy Ambrose, Trish Avery, Helen Coleman, Mike Combs, Rick and Louise Conrad, Bettie Corey, Barbara Craig, Pat Crumpton, Ann Goldstine, Bonnie Hanaway, Les Hargrove, Julie Hembree, Joy Johnson, Robin and Janice Kell, Terry MacKerer, Greg and Jennifer Moffitt, Susan Pannell. With the funds raised, we were able to replace aging books and fill in all seating in the nave.

Youth and Children News

Date Night // April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm // Bring your kids for a night of spring-time fun while you have a night out. Please bring pizza money. RSVP by April 5th to

Tweens special events upcoming! // Regular meeting, Friday, April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm with a special guest! And the Ijams River Rescue trip will be on Saturday, April 7, 10:00 am-12:00 pm. We will meet at church and ride the bus to our location. Questions:

Dinner Angels // Dinner Angels is a program in which our parishioners and parents provide meals for our hungry teens during youth group. Our teens have expressed a desire to add some variety to their meals during AYG meetings. Parents and other parishioners are invited to sign up and share in this service and fellowship opportunity. Want to try out a new recipe? Have a flair in the kitchen? Just want to feed a small crowd? We welcome home-cooked meals and catered meals. Our sign-ups, details, and schedule are available online:

Sunday High School Dinners: (More availability)

Wednesday Middle School Dinners: (No openings until May) 

Dogs for Youth: SAVE THE DATE // Join us after church on April 22 at 12:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall for a hot dog fundraiser supporting the youth missions trip. Cost will be $15 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. There will be food, fellowship and a DOG-GONE good time! Menu includes all beef jumbo dogs, Italian sausages, and chorizo with a condiment bar to fix your hot dog up as well as chips, homemade desserts, and drinks.

AYG High School Mission Trip 2018 // Our Mission Trip for 2018 will be the week of July 21-27 and we will be serving communities along the Eastern Shore of Virginia through YouthWorks. Cost to our teens is $299 per person. We still have a few spaces available—If your teen would like to attend, feel free to email with any questions.

The flowers adorning the church today are given to the Glory of God and:

in thanksgiving for the Clergy and Staff of Ascension

in memory of Jim and Margie Alexander, by Jim and Cindy Alexander 

in thanksgiving for my Ascension family, by Anna Kathleen Ambrose

in memory of Richard J. Hesse, brother of Kathy Ambrose, by Kathy Ambrose

in thanksgiving for the gift of our children and grandchildren,
by Tom and Vicky Anderson

in honor of our father and grandfather, Larry Crowson, by Beth and Paul, Kate, Anna, and Mary Margaret Banick

in memory of Lesie Crowson, by Richard and Peggy Borreson

in memory of Donald F. Bowman, by his wife, Nancy Bowman

in loving memory of my brother, Jay, my parents Marvin and Lou, sister Olivia and nephew Charlie, by Virginia Branum

in loving memory of Corinne Brown Hemmeter, by Virginia Branum

in thanksgiving for our family and the Ascension Community, by Pam and Jim Brock

in thanksgiving for friends and clergy of Ascension, by Dick Brower and Sharon Bailey

in thanksgiving for our family, by Pete and Elizabeth Broadnax

in thanksgiving for Clark, Hope, and Brooke, by Jimmy and Muffet Buckner

in memory of Neal Wallis, by Frances and George Butler

in thanksgiving for the Church of the Ascension, by Nancy Butler

in thanksgiving for Tucker, Mac, and Izzy, our children, and Mark and Pat Medley, and Ann Cameron, our parents, and in memory of Mattie Campen, R. R. Medley, and Bob Cameron, by Katherine and Jason Cameron

in memory of Mark. B. Atwater, by his mother, Jewell Carroll

in thanksgiving for the Ascension Clergy and Staff, and The Rev. Canon Patricia Grace, by Barbara Chubb

in memory of Mildred and Will Downey, Mildred Folk, and Carolyn Rice,
by Darlene Clark

in memory honoring Lewis Finch, son of Mary Tod Finch, by Alice Clayton

in memory of Jimmie Comeaux and Reggie Law, by family

in memory of David A. Corey, by Bettie Corey

in thanksgiving for David and Desha Corey, by Walt and Barbara Corey

in memory of Bruce John Cole, and Anne and Willis Duke Weatherford, Jr.,
by The Right Rev. Brian Cole and Susan Parker-Weatherford

in memory of Ned, by Barbara F. Craig

in memory of Elise “Lesie” Crowson, by her loving family

in thanksgiving for our grandsons, Clayton and Henry, by Clay and Anita Davis

in memory of Jeff and Brandt, and in thanksgiving for my family that I have been so blessed with, by Jeanie Davis

in memory of Dick and Ruth Deaderick, and in thanksgiving for Richard, Amy, Stuart, Mary, and Will, by Rick Deaderick

in thanksgiving for my great-granddaughters, Austin and Guinn Ramsey, by Lucy Dover

in loving memory of my father, Donald F. Bowman, by Susan Eisenstadt

in memory of R. A. and Irene Johnson Eldridge, by Claire Eldridge

in memory of Vera Corum McAdams and Viola S. Ergen, by Fred and Maribeth Ergen

in thanksgiving for Heidi and Michael Brenner, by Kay Clayton and Ann Goldstine

in thanksgiving for our family, by Les and Carla Hargrove

in thanksgiving for Beverly Hogin, by Christopher and John Michael Hogin

in memory of James W. Johnson and Peggie Johnson Brooks, by Anne Johnson

in thanksgiving for the Staff and Clergy at Ascension, by Robin and Janice Kell

in thanksgiving for Taleisha, Annabelle, Maggie, William, Briana, Ryland,
and Simon Lesch, by Joel and Margaret Lesch

in thanksgiving for GiGi Logan’s ministry, by Pat and Jean Logan

in thanksgiving for Walker and Beau, by Ben and Leah McClanahan

in memory of Hannah McDaniel, by Walter McDaniel

in thanksgiving for my parents, Vernon McKinney and Maxine Mantooth,
by Karen McKinney

in memory of our parents and in thanksgiving for our children and grandchildren,
by Mark and Pat Medley

in thanksgiving for Wells, Porter, and Kathryn, by Greg and Jennifer Moffitt

in memory of Marie and Donald Gardiner, and Virginia and Howard Morgan,
by Ellen and Tom Morgan

in memory of David Neel, by Warren and Annelle Neel

in memory of Eleanora D. Overbey, by James M. Overbey

in memory of John C. Parks, loving father and husband, by Anne and David Parks

in memory of Lesie Crowson, by Carl and Sue Peiers

in memory of Jean and Buddy Whitaker, by Suzy Plank

in thanksgiving for Laura and Brad Hinds, by Scott and Cindy Poland

in thanksgiving for our families, by Pat and Alan Rutenberg

in memory of John and Heather Lutz, and Bob Parrott, by Diana and Bob Samples

in memory of William Schall, by Virginia Schall

in thanksgiving for Jim Garvey and my choir family, by Kerri Seaton

in memory of family members who have passed, by John and Gigi Seivers

in thanksgiving for our children, Turner and Whit, by Matt and Liz Sherrod

in thanksgiving for my beautiful wife, Corey, by Bart Slabbekorn

in memory of James M. Spitzer, James L. Clarke, Jr., and Mary H. Clarke, by Ellen Spitzer

in thanksgiving for our wonderful family: Tom and Pam Milligan, and Chris and Amanda Smith, by Drew and Allison Stock

in thanksgiving for Bowman Tallent, by Katie and Corey Tallent

in memory of Charles Taylor, by Roba Taylor

in loving memory of Elizabeth and Dean Avery, and Jane and Dick Turner,
by Rick and Marilyn Turner

in thanksgiving for Myra Brooks Turner and daughters Stacy, Cheryl, and Terri,
by Ronald J. Turner

in memory of Sero J. and Carmella Petrolina, by Ron and Debbie Watkins

in memory of Robert H. Watson, Jr. by his wife, Pat Watson

in memory of Betsy Wheeler, by Ann Wheeler

in thanksgiving for the Ascension Clergy, Staff, and Choir, by Jerry and Emily Vreeland

Please keep these individuals in your prayers this week:

Thomas, Paul and Mary Lee Bergeron, Pam Brock, Mary Chobanian,
Jon Dittrich, Anna Fraser, Ron McPherson, The Nelson Family,
Ned and Beth Patterson, The Sleeman Family,
Harry and Dottie Stickley, Dick and Barbara Strehlow