8:00 Early Service

Contemplative, Introspective, Close

The 8:00 am early service is a quiet, introspective service that uses traditional language and minimal music to create a contemplative and calm service. In a busy, cluttered life, the 8:00 am service provides space, comfort, and a new pace of experiencing Christ. Many worshippers grab a cup of coffee in the parish office, or head out to brunch after the service. Located in the chapel, a part of the sanctuary, the easiest way to enter is to park on the front drive of the church and enter the wooden chapel doors, or to park in the main parking lot and follow the signs to the Nave.

10:00 Summer Service

Familiar, Engaging, Accessible

The 10:00 am Summer Service features familiar sung and spoken worship elements, music by the “Summer Quire,” and a theme for one of the Breezy Summer Sundays. Nursery care is available during the 10:00 am service beginning with drop-off at 9:45 am, although children are welcome to stay for these fun Summer Sundays. Click on the button below to see the upcoming Breezy Summer Sunday schedule.

Breezy Summer Sundays