Sunday Christian Formation

The aim of Adult Christian Education at Ascension is about learning through relationships. This year we kick off our adult education curriculum, beginning August 20, 2017, at 10:10 am (following the 9:00 am service) with three exciting parishioner-led learning opportunities.

Although each group is divided by age, all are welcome to participate in any of the forums, regardless of life station.

For more information on these Sunday Adult Education groups, or to pass along comments, please contact The Rev. Christopher Hogin, or call the church office at 865-588-0589.

The Forum Class
Sundays, 10:10 am, Parish Hall-Old Transept

Hosting conversations about the Bible, its interpretation, and the abuse of scripture in the history of American Christianity, the Forum Class explores the many ways Scripture can speak living truths into modern life. To begin the year, the Forum Class will use The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart by Peter Gomes. 

The Seekers
Sundays, 10:10 am, Room 102

Have you ever read a passage of scripture and thought, what in the world does that mean? Do we read the Bible literally, figuratively, or as a book of history? Was Jonah really in the belly of a whale? The Seekers will explore the many ways to navigate, interpret, and derive meaning from Scripture.

The Sojourners
Sundays, 10:10 am, New Transept-Parish Hall

Open to members of all ages, The Sojourners will continue their year with a study of The Book of Joy, a cooperatively written book between the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Carlton Abrams. Afterwards, the class will embark on a series of studies which we have loosely titled, “A Christian Response to Current World Issues.” These issues include climate change and resource management/scarcity including water and food. Depending on the preferences of the class, we may later discuss the Feminine in theology and Jesus as the personification of the Eternal Christ. All are welcome. The class will continue to direct, through general consensus, the upcoming study topics.

Centering Prayer
Sundays, 10:10 am, Library

For a slightly different approach to Sunday School, Centering Prayer will be offered in the Library during the Sunday School hour, beginning at 10:10 am. The class will be reading Tears of an Innocent God by Elias Marechal beginning in late August.