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We invite you to...

Walk in Love

The many ministries at Church of the Ascension help us to “walk in love,” transforming lives in our own community, across our state, and around the globe. Over the next few weeks you will learn about stories of how this happens. You will hear from people who share the pews with you at Ascension, who walk deeply in our many ministries here, and who will reflect on how God calls each of us to do God’s work. Hopefully in those stories you will hear from God, who is speaking to you through each story of the ministries among us.

These ministries are the way we walk in love together. We are especially grateful for the way you walk in love with everyone at Ascension. Your faithful presence, witness, and generosity help to sustain our ministry and our life together.

What is “Walk in Love”?

“Walk in love” is, indeed, a call to action for each of us. It is a call to imitate Jesus in a way that focuses on the actions and movements of God among us … and the actions and movements of God within us. It is also a call to respond proportionally.

+ If you reduced the hours you spend watching television by 50%, what would you do with this time and how could it serve God?

+ If you read one more book a year, what would it be and how would the wisdom contribute to the people who surround you?

+ If you increase your pledge to Ascension by 1%, how much would your standard of living change each week?

It only takes...

Three Things

We invite you intentionally to do three things over the next several weeks.

  • Sit down at your dinner table and prayerfully discern the impact that ministries at Ascension offer to each of us and to our community.
  • As you eat your meal, manage your calendar, or balance your checking account, prayerfully discern your responsibility to use the gifts that God gives you to do the work God calls you to do.
  • Then come to Ascension for worship, sit in your favorite pew, and be led by God to connect the exponential number of ways we are fed through Jesus Christ to go out and walk in love!

Below is a button to a 2019 pledge card. Between now and Ascension’s Ingathering Sunday on November 11th, consider how you might increasingly imitate Jesus Christ, and walk, move, do, love, and give with greater intent. Your commitment to our pledge campaign is an essential gift that fuels Ascension’s transformational ministries in Knoxville and beyond.

Walk in love with us!


Stewardship 2019 Pledge Card

Download your Stewardship 2019 pledge here. You can fill it out in your favorite PDF editor, save the file, and then attach the file to an email to Beverly Hutto (beverly@knoxvilleascension.org), or Linda Hawley (linda@knoxvilleascension.org). 

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