February 14, 2019

We opened with the Bonhoeffer reading and Allan led us in a prayer.

Members present
Bert Ackermann
Larry Beach
Roy Biberdorf
Jim Brock
Larry Crowson
Les Hargrove
Monty Harris
Jim Hodge
Emmitt Howard
Joe Johnston
Ed Lester
Danny Maddox
Aron Mast
Donald McGavin
Greg O’Connor
Bill Perry
Jim Phillips
John Robertson
Sam Rotolo
John Threadgill
Curtis Tipton
Bob Wadley
Royd Walker
Terry Wertz
Even though Herky was not present, we sang Happy Birthday to Herky. Many kind remarks were made about Herky. He is a kind and humble man who has contributed to many lives and to the community as a whole. When you see him wish him and happy birthday. He is the first member of the brotherhood to reach 90 years of wisdom and humility.
Retreat: Lake Logan, May 10 – 12, 2019. We have 26 men who have made deposits to attend. We will amend the agenda and have the the evening session from 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Breakfast List: if you cannot serve on the date speified, please switch with one of the other brothers
Social: Feb. 22, Friday, 4:00 PM set up, the social begins at 5:30 PM and end at 9:00 PM. BYOB. Joe passed around a sign up sheet
Les reminded us that Lent is approaching and made several suggestion for the study: “Are We ThereYet” , “Dust That Dreams of Glory”, and “Lent Is not Rocket Science”. “Rocket Science” was the winner for the Lenten study.
Tyson House is this Sunday. Bob Wadley and Bert Ackermann volunteered to serve the food.
Mardi Gras will be March 5 and there will be an auction for the Bolivia Mission trip during the celebration.
The Bishop would like to go on the Mission trip.
John Robertson told us that dues are now payable: $40.00. We will pay the dues out of the Brotherhood treasury for the regular atteding members.
Program: Andrew Donovan, The Atheletic Departmemt of the University of Tennessee
Program next week: Richard Cook, The Manhattan Project
Breakfast next week: Bill Wood
Prayer requests
Paul and Mary Lee Bergeron
Thanks that there will not be another shut down.
Jim and Pam Brock
Joe and Suellen
Linda Hawley
Prayers for the family of Ron Turner
Mark Allen, who is friends with Royd..
We closed with the Prayer of St Andrews