February 28, 2019

Hello Brothers,


Below are our minutes for this morning’s meeting. You will also find a scan of some information from our presenter. My apologies the attendance might be spotty as I started taking minutes late in the meeting. If you see something that needs amending, please send me an email at andrew@knoxvilleascension.org.


Members Present


Allan Willoughby

Les Hargrove

Bob Wadley

Danny Maddox

John Threadgill

Donald McGavin

Greg O’Connor

Herky Payne

Bill Wood

Sam Rotolo

Bert Ackermann

Emmitt Howard

Roy Biberdorf

Joe Johnston

Monty Harris

Allen Douglass

Curtis Tipton

Tom Ladd

Rick Deaderick

Larry Beach

Larry Crowson (?, I can’t remember if Larry was there)

Kit Barrett

Larry Beach

Terry Wertz




We opened with the Bonhoeffer Reading and Allan Willoughby led us with a prayer for coaches.




Bill Wood introduced our speaker, Taylor Phipps, to the meeting.


Les Hargrove discussed our Lenten Study, Lent is Not Rocket Science. It is most effective as a Google, Apple, or Kindle download as Amazon sells them in bulk packages for physical copies (they’re small books).


Sam Rotolo has noted that Ascension’s March Tyson House 6:04 dinner is cancelled due to Spring Break. We’ll look forward to April’s dinner.


Bert Ackermann is holding a meeting after next week’s meeting for those interested in helping or supporting the Circle of Friends. The program is going to expand and we need more help to facilitate the efforts of the program.


Monty passed along a sign-up sheet to help with Mardi Gras setup. However, if you want to lend your strength to the efforts, show up at 8:00 am on Monday morning.


Allen Douglass distributed a 2019 Episcopal Relief and Development Lenten meditation booklet to the group as a supplement.


Danny Maddox noted that while the BBQ was fun and fairly well attended, it did not garner any sign-ups from new/interestedpersons. Joe Johnston suggested we use personal one-on-one invitation to our meetings and events to get newcomers and not rely solely on announcements.


Bert Ackermann discovered the How2Charist service demonstration video from the Episcopal Church and we are planning to show that in a series later in the program year.


Allan Willoughby pondered the merits of a Rotary club style raffle for the beginning of meetings whereby those interested would put a dollar in the pot and at the end of the meeting, half would go to the winner and the other half would go into our scholarships or funding account.


A sign-up sheet was passed around the meeting for those who can lead discussions for Lent is Not Rocket Science.




Program: Taylor Phipps with Tennessee Voices for Children

See attachment for resources.

Program Next Week: Lent is Not Rocket Science

Breakfast: Bert Ackermann


Prayers (I apologize for spellings)


We closed with the Brotherhood of Saint Andrew Closing Prayer. The following individuals were lifted up in prayer or are carriedover from previous weeks:


Ed Lester

Arthur Seymour

Jim and Pam Brock and their granddaughter

Seellen Roehl and Joe Cate

Linda Hawley

Paul and Mary Lee Bergeron

Bob and Laura Barnes

Judy Bowers

The Nelson Family

Michael Brenner


I hope I did Ed proud with this.