Vestry Minutes

November 10, 2015


Clergy: Fr. Rob Gieselmann, Fr. Brett Backus, Deacon Amy Morehous

v: Tracy Edmundson, Sr. Warden; Tom Ladd, Jr. Warden; Leslie Beale; Mardel Fehrenbach; Monty Harris; Julie Hembree; Maribeth Manoff; Andy Oakes; Matt Odom; Venice Peek; Jane Phillips; Mary Rayson; Alan Wright

Ex officio: Janice Kell, Clerk; Joe Vrba, Past Sr. Warden; Linda Hawley, Parish Administrator; Joe Johnston, Chair of the Finance Committee; John Montouri, Co-chair of Stewardship Committee

Business Review

  • Minutes

The minutes of the September 2015 and October 2015 vestry meetings were presented and unanimously approved.

  • Reports (copies attached)
  • Priest in Charge: Rob reported that a new contract with Wilbur Templin is needed as it has not been updated for several years. Rob said the agreement needs to be more intentional. The vestry will need to decide whether to continue to lease the property to Wilbur and his wife rent-free. Tracy Edmundson and Katie McHargue will investigate the Templin’s situation and make a recommendation to the vestry concerning the agreement.

The annual meeting is scheduled for November 22, 2015, after the 9:00 service. Voting for vestry will take place that day also. Members of the vestry are asked to bring food to share during the meeting.

  • Warden: Tracy Edmundson reported that more candidates for the vestry election are needed. As of now there are only six candidates, but others are considering the possibility of running for one of the five positions on vestry.

As usual, as senior warden, he will host the annual vestry/staff Christmas party, and December 11, 2015, was chosen as the date.

From now on, a summary of the vestry minutes will be put on the church’s website soon after the meeting and set in the weekly email following the monthly meetings. It was suggested that paper copies of the summaries be made available in the church library.

  • Jr. Warden: Tom Ladd reported that the General Convention adopted a resolution regarding the consumption of alcohol on church property. In accordance with that resolution an “Alcohol Policy” for Ascension was presented for the vestry’s consideration (copy attached). It was noted that the policy applies to wedding receptions and other such activities. Following discussion, Alan Wright made a motion to adopt the policy that was seconded by Mardel Fehrenbach. The motion was unanimously approved.
  • Treasurer and Finance Committee: Joe Johnston reported that our operating income remains in the red because we have caught up our line-of-credit payments and some quarterly expenses such as insurance.

John Montouri reported that we have received 351 pledges totaling about $1,300,000 for 2016. The Stewardship Committee is hoping to receive $200,000 more from those parishioners who have not yet pledged and other sources.

  • Administration: Linda Hawley reported that our part-time bookkeeper, Lara Collins, has resigned to take a full-time job with benefits. A new temporary part-time bookkeeper, Beverly Hutto, has been hired

The grant request to replace the lighting will be turned in next week.

Ministry Review (copies of reports attached)

  • Building and Grounds

Monty Harris reported that the stairs on the north side of the church have been repaired, but with some work still to be done, the contractor has not been given the final payment.

Painting and caulking need to be done, but those projects will have to wait until next spring.

The committee is waiting for an engineer’s report concerning the heat and air units.

  • Great Commission Commission

Andy Oakes and Mary Rayson presented the report. The commission believes that we need to be more intentional and organized concerning connecting visitors and new members with the ministries in the church.

Rob asked how do we create a culture of welcome and invitation. Some ideas were to invite new members to participate in specific ministries. Ministry leaders need to be more invitational. However, we need to find a way to establish relationships in the church, rather than just service.

It was suggested that some vestry members be invited to each of the newcomer dinners to be held in 2016.

There being no further old or new business, the vestry meeting was concluded with the Lord’s Prayer, and the November meeting of the vestry was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Janice Kell