Vestry Minutes

October 13, 2015


Clergy: Fr. Rob Gieselmann

v: Tracy Edmundson, Sr. Warden; Tom Ladd, Jr. Warden; Leslie Beale; Mardel Fehrenbach; Monty Harris; Julie Hembree; Ellen Jenny; Maribeth Manoff; Katie McHargue; Andy Oakes; Matt Odom; Venice Peek; Jane Phillips; Mary Rayson; Alan Wright

Ex officio: Janice Kell, Clerk; Glen Vesser, Treasurer; Joe Vrba, Past Sr. Warden; Linda Hawley, Parish Administrator; Laura Johnston

Business Review

  • Minutes

The minutes of the September 2015 vestry meeting will be considered at the November meeting.

  • Reports (copies attached)
  • Priest in Charge: Rob reported that 2016 stewardship campaign is going well. He asked the vestry to sign up to help with follow-up stewardship calls.

Rob reported that he placed ads for an assistant priest and has received one application. The deadline is at the end of October.

He has developed a vestry job description to help future candidates understand the duties of a vestry member.

Rob asked for five volunteer Diocesan Convention delegates and alternates. The convention is February 5-6, 2016. The following volunteer delegates and alternates were approved by the vestry:

Delegates – Mardel Fehrenbach, Tom Ladd, Maribeth Manoff, Jane Phillips, and Joe Vrba

Alternates – Ellen Jenny, Katie McHargue, Venice Peek, and _________________.

Rob distributed a flyer about the Knoxville Area Scripture Study to be held on October 31 at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, and asked that anyone interested in attending to let him know.

  • Warden: Tracy Edmundson reported that the vestry nominating committee has begun considering candidates and hopes to have a list that reflects the different skill sets and demographics of the parish.
  • Jr. Warden: Tom Ladd reported that he has designed a new computer program (“Management Information System”) that makes the financial reports more understandable. The report is based on Sundays rather than months to allow comparisons of Sundays from year to year. The number of line items has been reduced and they are more easily retrievable.The report is not an accounting report; it is a report to make church management more effective.
  • Treasurer and Finance Committee: Glen Vesser reported that we are down about $47,000, mostly because we paid the diocesan pledge and our line of credit. End-of-the-year giving should clear the debit.

Linda Hawley will coordinate the preparation of the 2016 budget.

  • Administration: Linda Hawley reported that there is a new meter on the chiller that takes this water usage off our sewer bill. Also, a new app is being developed which will make access to the church maintenance issues and contracts more efficient.

Ministry Review (copies of reports attached)

  • Building and Grounds

Alan Wright submitted the Building and Grounds Commission report. Several new people have been added to the Commission.

The stairs on the north side of the church need repairs. A bid has been received, but more information is needed before it is accepted.

Alan asked the vestry for an additional $3000 for repairs and landscaping. Tom Ladd made such a motion, seconded by Tracy Edmondson, and approved unanimously.

Laura Johnston reported that there is a TVA grant ($8000 and a rebate) available which would allow the church to update its lighting to LED bulbs. Stokes Lighting has reviewed the church’s lighting and estimates that it will cost about $32,000 to update all the lights plus the cost of installation. The grant is only available through October.

Alan Wright asked if the vestry might be interested if there the costs (lights and installation) could be recouped within two years. Julie Hembree made such a motion, seconded by Katie McHargue, and approved unanimously. The costs will probably come from our line of credit.

  • Pastoral Care Commission

Mardel Fehrenbach reported that there have been fewer Shepherding needs recently, but the program is working well.

There being no further old or new business, the vestry meeting was concluded with the Lord’s Prayer, and the October meeting of the vestry was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Janice Kell