Vestry Minutes

September 8, 2015


Clergy: Fr. Rob Gieselmann; Deacon Amy Morehous 

v: Tracy Edmundson, Sr. Warden; Tom Ladd, Jr. Warden; Leslie Beale; Mardel Fehrenbach; Monty Harris; Julie Hembree; Ellen Jenny; Maribeth Manoff; Katie McHargue; Andy Oakes; Matt Odom; Jane Phillips; Mary Rayson

Ex officio: Janice Kell, Clerk; Joe Vrba, Past Sr. Warden; Joe Johnston, Chair of the Finance Committee; Bert Ackerman, Chair of the Endowment Committee


Business Review

  • Minutes

The minutes of the August 11, 2015, vestry meeting were presented and with some corrections unanimously approved.

  • Reports (copies attached)
  • Priest in Charge: Rob reported that Amy Morehous’s job description would change due to her seminary studies. She will remain as the Director of Christian Formation for both children’s and adult ministries. Other duties will be eliminated or reduced. She will continue to preach at least quarterly. It is expected that she will work 20 to 25 hours per week, and a reduction in her salary will be commensurate with her reduced hours.

Rob reported that he has contacted the diocesan office in order to begin the process of hiring a new assistant priest.

He reminded the vestry that we will be returning to the three-service Sunday schedule on September 20th. There was some discussion about re-establishing some kind of coffee hour/fellowship time on Sunday mornings.

The 9:00 service will be slightly different than the 11:15 service – one less reading, the older children will stay in the service, and everyone will be asked to sit in the nave.

Rob also reminded the vestry that he expects them to make their stewardship pledges on or before September 20. Buttons showing the chancel window will be given to everyone who pledges. The in-gathering of the parishes’ pledges will be October 11.

  • Warden: Tracy Edmundson reported that work has begun on establishing a nominating committee for the upcoming vestry elections. The election will be held on November 22nd.
  • Warden: Tom Ladd reported that he has been working on finance issues.
  • Treasurer and Finance Committee: Joe Johnston presented the Treasurer’s report and the report of the Finance Committee (copies attached). Joe stated that giving flattened out this summer as expected, but has already begun to pick up.

A part time bookkeeper, Lara Collins, has been hired.

  • Administration: In the absence of Linda Hawley, Parish Administrator, Rob reported that a new account needs to be opened for the purpose of accepting gifts of stock and selling them. Vestry member Matt Odom who works for UBS is willing to open such an account and waive any brokerage fees. A motion to establish the account was unanimously approved. 

Ministry Review (copies of reports attached)

  • Endowment Commission

Bert Ackerman provided a list of recommended expenditures from the Endowment Committee. He noted that every item has a person who will promote the activity. There was discussion of some of the expenditures:

  • There is a need to improve the fencing and security at the Lyon’s View Community Center
  • Funds are used to provide scholarships for underprivileged students to take dance lessons
  • Funds used to help pay Amy Morehous’s seminary expenses. The committee asks for approval of a “low-key” fundraising effort on her behalf

Upon a motion and second, the Endowment Committee’s request for endowment expenditures was unanimously approved.

Upon motion and second, the request for a fundraising effort on Amy’s behalf was unanimously approved.

  • Outreach

Mardel Fehrenbach reported that the Outreach Commission is trying to find ways to get parishioners involved in the various outreach programs of the church and community.

Rob suggested that the first question is, “What do we want outreach to look like at Ascension?”

Various ideas and solutions were discussed.

There being no further old or new business, the vestry meeting was concluded with the Lord’s Prayer, and the September meeting of the vestry was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Janice Kell