Wine Tasting Notes
Thank You!

A quick thank you to all who participated in the Wine Tasting for Bolivia, our wine sponsors, food donors, all who helped, and especially Priscilla Jenkins, Leo Beale, and Mark Chenot.  Over $8,000 was raised and more importantly a good time was had by all!  Thanks so much again for all your support.  Fr. Brett and Carla

Below are all our supporters and donors we would like to thank. If there are others, please let us know and we will get you on the list!

Thank you to the following who donated food or services:

Allie Brown, Lolita Kressin, Andrew Morehead, Molly Calhoun, David Edmundson, Mark & Michelle Chenot, Jason and Priscilla Jenkins, Will Deaderick, Chelsea Krahulik, Leah McClanahan, Katharine Hawks, Emily Vreeland, Kristy Starks-Winn, Gary Harper, Brett and Carla Backus, Jason and Priscilla Jenkins, Joe Cate and Suellen Roehl, Kelsey Mitchell, Carole Lundin, Nancy Tisue, Sarah Stair, Jarrod Blue, Jennifer Borth, Jamie and Grace Bass, James and Jenny Hinderer, Ellen and David Lovett, Gourmet Market, Bob’s Package Store, The Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Thank you to the following who sponsored wine for the evening:

Nebuchadnezzar Sponsor

(equal to 20 bottles, the King of Babylon)

Ellen & David Lovett, Mark & Pat Medley, Dana Teagarden, Dick Brower & Sharon Bailey, Carole Lundin

Balthazar Sponsor

(equal to 16 bottles, a Wise Man)

Joe & Wylene Vrba, Jason & Priscilla Jenkins

Salmanazar Sponsor

(equal to 12 bottles, an Assyrian King)

Tom & Terry Hale, Mary Rayson, Paul & Beth Banick, Steve & Zsuzui Roth

Methuselah Sponsor

(equal to 8 bottles, oldest man in the Bible)

Joe Cate & Suellen Roehl, Les & Carla Hargrove, Alan & Ellen Wright, Russell & Sarah Stair, Tom & Vicky Anderson, Greg & Jennifer Moffitt, Ralph & Ann Hilmer, Brent & Erin Bell, Matt Odom, Bert Ackermann, Larry & Lesie Crowson, Bill Bowers, an anonymous friend of Ascension