We Need your Help!

The labyrinth garden is in need of professional services.

This past year the labyrinth garden area has taken a hit from the drought of last summer and fall, and the huge storms we have experienced since then.  There are numerous trees down, some uprooted, and some dead leaning on others trees.  There is a huge White Pine that snapped from the high winds about a month or so ago that needs to be removed. There are trees that need to be trimmed, logs that were cut in previous years that are decomposing, and a massive amount leaves that need removal.  This is too extensive for our gardeners to handle.

We have a very reasonable quote from a professional tree removal service, who have done work with the church previously, to cut and remove the trees, logs, and leaves for $1500.00

This removal process is a safety issue and needs to be done before we proceed with any more additional work to the garden area.  In order to make this a reality we must raise the funds through donations.  Your generosity in any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider making a donation so that we might get this work under way soon.  Make your donation to the Church of the Ascension for the Labyrinth Garden.


Last summer the labyrinth garden was updated with new steps and the wood on top of the benches at the fire pit was replaced.  This was the Eagle Scout project of Braden Mast with help from family, friends, and volunteers.

We would also like to thank these garden friends for their time and energy:

Walter Law for his water system that was necessary to keep our plants alive last summer.

Terry Wertz and Monty Harris for their hard work with planting ferns and spreading wood chips on the path, and mulching the gardens for the summer.

Clair Eldridge, for plant donations and garden work.

Also Muffet Buckner for her help in planting.

Ben and Leah McClanahan for allowing us to relocate many plants from their gardens.  And many others for their assistance.

Always many thanks to Pam and Allan Douglass for their professional expertise and guidance in our project. 


We appreciate your interest and support.

Walk in peace,

Beth Harris