May 30, 2019

We opened with the Bonhoeffer reading and Allan led us in a prayer.

Members present
Bert Ackermann
Kit Barrett
Larry Beach
Jim Brock
Rick Deaderick
Allen Douglass
Les Hargrove
Monty Harris
Jim Hodge
Emmett Howard
Joe Johnston
Ed Lester
Danny Maddox
Donald McGavin
Andrew Morehead
Greg O’Connor
Herky Payne
John Threadgill
Curtis Tipton
Ron Wells
Terry Wertz
Allan Willoughby
Bill Wood
Family Promise take down this Sunday at 7:00 AM.
Les recommended a book by David Brooks, “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life.”
Bill Wood reminded us that the Tennessee Voices for Children is having their fund raising and tequilla tasting at Chivo Taquiera tonight. A donation of $100 persson is requested.
Jim Brock said he was surprised to have beer leftover from Pam’s reception.
Monty thanked everyone for the turn out at the Family Promise. It was a success.
Aron thanked everyone who helped on Saturday at the Acolyte Festival with the food. A good time was had by all and the food was delicious.
Retreat accounting: because of your genererosity on the scholarships and all the adjustments on the debits and credits, we have a balance of $703.21. This includes all revenue and  the refunds for the 3 brothers who had to cancel at the last minute: Mike, Joe, and Alan. We still need to make a decision on what to do with the refund: leave at Lake Logan or ask them to write a check to us.It was recommended that we ask for a check. John Robertson and I will make a decision on the refund.
The retreat in 2021: we have been asked by one of our brothers to change the date to April 23 – 25 from April 9 – 11.
Program: Sarah Scott Wingo
Program next week: Joan Rentsch, Mindfulness
Breakfast next week:  Jim Hodge
Paul and Mary Lee Bergeron
Bob Barnes
Joe and Suellen
JIm and Pam Brock
Roy and Valerie
Christopher O’Connor
Jill Monroe
Sarah Scott and Pat Wingo
Thanksgiving for Pam Brock
Nelson Family
Monty’s cousin, Ken Jackson who has satge four cancer
Michael Brenner
We closed with the Prayer of St Andrews