Parish News

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The Chancel Flowers are given to the glory of God and in celebration of the marriage of Hannah Whitaker and James McLaurin by Les and Jinka McLaurin.

General Community News

The white rose on the Altar  is given in celebration for the birth of Luke Gambel Michalowski, son of Sarah LeMense and Matt Michalowski, grandson of Mary Thompson LeMense on June 14.

This Sunday: Tie Sunday // Thank you for celebrating Father’s Day, by wearing ties!  And thank you to all dads, for your love and support throughout our lives.

The Coffee Hour today is hosted by the Great Commission Commission (GCC) and will honor Paul and Mary Lee Bergeron, who are moving away from Knoxville in July to be closer to family in Cincinnati. Please join the reception in the parish hall as we honor Mary Lee and Paul for their ties of faith and service to Ascension and our community. The GCC is the Ascension new member ministry that promotes the triumvirate theme of Invite, Welcome, and Connect! You can learn more about or join the GCC by contacting Karen McKinney, the GCC Chair, at

Next Sunday, June 25: Storytelling Sunday with “Cuz” Headrick // Long before the advent of media entertainment, communities gathered and listened to stories. On Sunday June 25, Ascension will host a “Storytelling Sunday,” featuring nationally recognized and master storyteller Charles “Cuz” Headrick. Headrick specializes in Appalachian oral history, tall tales, and humorous anecdotes, accompanied by an occasional song and guitar piece. So come, relax, and listen to some good ole’ stories after the 10 am service.

Foundation 60! // As you may have read in the recent letter to the congregation, many church families have already pledged to support the mini-campaign to finance the Sunday School HVAC and pay down some church debt. If you are amenable and have not responded with your pledge and/or gift, we would like to conclude this simple campaign during June. A special thank you to all who have given or pledged already! Your gift makes all the difference.

Please keep these individuals in your prayers:

Charles, Ellie Cottrill, Tom Hanaway, Bill Perry,
Gwyneth McKee, Jim McKee, Jack Wallis

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension maintains two prayer lists. The first list is for parishioners, staff, and their immediate families, and prayers are offered for these people during Sunday services. Their names can be found on the white prayer board in the office area. Names remain on this list, generally, for three weeks.

The second list is called the Supplemental Prayer list and includes additional names as requested by you. The people on the Supplemental Prayer list are prayed for by members of those leading morning and evening prayer at the Daily Office. Copies of this list may be found on the counter in the reception area. Names will remain on this list as needed for appropriate prayer support.

Ascension Cares – No One Walks Alone

Caring and compassion for fellow parishioners in need is central to our service to God and each other. All of our pastoral care ministries fall under the umbrella of the “Ascension Cares” ministry to ensure that ‘No One Walks Alone’ in times of spiritual or emotional crisis. This is facilitated by pastoral care leaders called shepherds. They see that the pastoral care needs in the community are met with one of Ascension’s many ministries. An email to your Shepherd team will go to the clergy as well.

Team 1 Last Names A-L:

Team 2 Last Names M-Z: