Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Ascension’s Prayer Shawl Ministry has a legacy of providing handmade prayer-stitched shawls for those in need. Each shawl is prayed over, blessed, and delivered to someone in need of comfort and solace. A few of these shawls are on display today in the elevator lobby. There’s always a need for a supply of shawls here at the church, but the ministry is now expanding outwardly to the community. By the first of Advent 2016, The Prayer Shawl Ministry plans to have forty blessed prayer shawls for residents of the local Family Crisis Center.

If you have skills, we need your help. The shawls may be knitted or crocheted and there are no specific requirements concerning color, type or yarn, or pattern. They can be completed at your own pace and and time. No meeting required! For more information, contact Karen Ladd at or 865-690-9488.