Thursday, August 2, 2018 7:00 am

We opened with the Bonhoeffer reading and Allan led us in a prayer.

Members present
Bert Ackermann x
Kit Barrett x
Larry Beach x
Roy Biberdorf x
Jim Brock
Jim Campbell
Joe Cate x
Larry Crowson x
Rick Deaderick x
Allen Douglass x
Bill Graves
Les Hargrove x
Gary Harper
Monty Harris x
Jim Hodge x
Emmitt Howard x
Joe Johnston
Tom Ladd x
Jud Laughter
Ed Lester
Danny Maddox x
Mike Martinez
Donald McGavin x
Andrew Morehead x
Greg O’Connor x
Herky Payne x
Bill Perry
Jim Phillips
John Robertson
Sam Rotolo
Bob Sowell
John Threadgill x
Curtis Tipton x
Dalton Townsend
Bob Wadley x
Royd Walker x
Burke Wallace x
Ron Wells
Terry Wertz x
Allan Willoughby x
Bill Wood x
ANNOUNCEMENTS: FAMILY PROMISE – Set-Up is on August 19 at 3:00pm, Tear-Down is on August 26 at 7:00am. Please lend a hand – the more, there merrier!  




TYSON HOUSE – Terry will get food at 4:00pm. Serve at 5:00pm.


 “THINGS LEFT UNDONE” – Following Father Brett’s presentation, in which he made reference to “things left undone” and particularly pointed out his disappointment at not structuring the Other Brothers in a manner that more closely resembled the BSA. Community service, mentorship and transitional planning to address the closer interaction of the two groups with a view to more integration in the future. Bob Wadley and Royd Walker volunteered to meet with the OB to begin discussions. The Other Brothers will provide a member to do a bio presentation at our meetings on a monthly basis – Dustin Schrimpster will join us on September 6.


PROGRAMS PLANNING – We discussed the task of filling the void left as Les Hargrove retires from the position of Programs Director. We have called for 6-8 volunteers to take responsibility for the Programs collectively. Allan and Monty volunteered to take part in the process.


PROGRAM THIS WEEK –  Janice Testerman, Young-Williams Animal Center. Janice gave a very comprehensive overview of the operations and services delivered by Young-Williams Animal Center. The facilities, which have over 60 employees and 600 volunteers, have developed an impressive record of care for Knoxville are pets. Last year, over 10,000 animals were taken in of which 90% had positive adoption and fostering placement. Their mantra of “will not euthanize for space” is supported by a full Adoption Team, Intake Team (reuniting strays with owners), Shelter Medical Team, Animal Care Team and Placement Team. The economic impact of the volunteer  component was over $350,000 in 2017. What a great resource for our community!


PROGRAM NEXT WEEK – : Jen Russamanno ‘Two Chicks and a Farm’


PRAYER REQUESTS: Sam Rotolo, Jim and Pam Brock, Paul and MaryLee Bergeron, Bob Barnes, Jim Bowers, Dana – Les’s Grand Daughter – just starting college, Macy, Royd’s daughter – senior at high school.
We closed with the Prayer of St Andrews