Sermon by The Rev. Deacon Sarai Wender August 7 2016

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Sermon by The Rev. Deacon Sarai Wender

August 7, 2016

“Now we all have those things which we value, our stuff, our souvenirs of our lives, our material possessions, our accomplishments, our awards, our titles, but living…living is more than having. Real life real treasure has to do with relationships. Those communities in which God calls us to be a part of. The people we meet on our path in life. Our parents, our kinfolk, our friends, even our acquaintances. The individuals that instill in us the fruits of fairness, joyfulness, kindness, perseverance, justice, faithfulness, and love. Those are the garments that moths cannot destroy, nor can they be stolen. You and I become living testimonies because of the bonds we have made in our past and the attributes we have been given.  We are who we are because of our relationship with others and our relationship with God.” From the sermon by The Rev. Sarai Wender on August 7, 2016.