Thursday, October 4, 2018 7:00 am

Members Present
Bert Ackermann
Larry Beach
Roy Biberdorf
Jim Brock
Joe Cate
Larry Crowson
Allen Douglass
Bill Graves
Les Hargrove
Gary Harper x
Monty Harris
Jim Hodge
Emmitt Howard
Joe Johnston
Tom Ladd x
Ed Lester
Danny Maddox
Donald McGavin
Andrew Morehead
Greg O’Connor
Herky Payne
Jim Phillips
John Threadgill
Bob Wadley
Terry Wertz
Allan Willoughby
Bill Wood
Bob expressed thanks for our brotherhood after visiting St John’s brotherhood
Allen asked for contributions to the ALS Foundation.
Les expressed thankfulness for the return from his travels
Program: Todd Morgan, Knox Heritage
Program next week: Jim Hodge, Ascension Physical Plan Update
Breakfast next week: Jud Laughter
Prayer Requests
Jim and Pam Brock
Paul and Mary Lee Bergeron
Chuck McDowell
Bob Barnes
Jim Bowers
Thanksgiving for the birth of Rick Deaderick and John Threadgill’s grandbabies
We closed with the Prayer of St Andrews
*I accidentally erased the original minutes and had to reconstruct them from memory. I apologize if I omitted any announcements or prayer request.