Sermon by The Rev. Robert K. Gieselmann October 16, 2016

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Sermon by The Rev. Robert K. Gieselmann

October 16, 2016

“But sometimes you do fight back, and fighting back against a bully, at least for me, taught me that I belong to myself. You could easily respond from a theological standpoint and say “Rob, you first belong to God.” And, in the reading that we will hear at 11:15 from Timothy, Paul tells Timothy “You belong to God.” But the prophet Jeremiah clarifies ownership just a bit. He claims that God gives to you a new heart, and you can only take possession of a new heart when you possess yourself. You see what I am saying? You have to first possess yourself. You are your own possession.” From The Rev. Robert K. Gieselmann’s sermon on October 16, 2016.