Sermon- The Rev. Brett P. Backus, October 25, 2015

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The Sermon Recording

by The Rev. Brett P. Backus

from October 25, 2015

“And today through this story we receive some stern warnings actually.  Don’t get so comfortable following Jesus that we forget to follow through and obey his teachings.  Don’t get so comfortable in our pews that we never actually go out from here and pick up our own cross, or never become the suffering servant that Jesus modeled for us.  Don’t allow our own path to be the thing which ends up blinding us and keeping us from seeing the needs of those around us.  Do you know the needs of those around you?  The obvious needs of the streets and the impoverished areas of our communities, or whatever it might be?  Do you know the needs of those who sit next to you?  Today through this story we also receive good news.  The news that says Jesus is no longer only heard in the words of our Holy Book, he’s not heard only in the words of preachers, but in your words as well.  And the very words of love and compassion spoken from your lips when you dare.”

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