On December 17  four families, who are temporarily homeless , will be staying with us for a week. They are part of the Family Promise of Knoxville program. We will transform the downstairs Sunday school rooms into bedrooms and provide breakfast and dinner for them from Sunday the 17th to Sunday the 24th. Church Street Methodist Church and The Table help us by providing meals on the 18,19 and 21st. Since it is the week before Christmas, we plan to have lots of fun activities. It’s a great time to serve others with your family and friends in our church. Please volunteer for one of these jobs;
1. Grocery shopper – you are given 5-6 items to purchase by the 17th.
2. Laundry – you are given 1-2 bags of bed linens and towel at the end of the week to wash and return to church.
3. Prepare a meal – we will need meals on the 17, 20, 22 and 23rd. You will be paired with 3-4 other people, decide on your menu, and have it at the church by 6:00.  There are usually 14 people plus 4-6 volunteers.
4. Prepare a hot breakfast on Saturday the 23rd at 8:30. You will be paired with others and will serve about 14 people.
5. Spend the night – we need spend the night people on the 17, 20, 21, and 23 ( Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday).
6. We plan to do crafts most nights such as decorate cookies, decorate stockings, make ornaments, take family photos etc. and need people to volunteer to help out.
7. We plan to have a store where the kids can shop for their parents
( everything is free) and need new items for this store ( hats, gloves, perfume, tool kits, jewelry, scarves, wallets, flashlights etc. )
8. We plan to put a small artificial Christmas tree with lights in each room. We are in need of three small trees with lights.
9. I need 2-3 women to help decorate the bedrooms on Sunday the 17th at 3:00 so the rooms will be ready when the families arrive.
It takes a “village” to love these families the week before Christmas and it will enrich your holiday memories in many ways!
If you would like to volunteer for one of these jobs, email Ann O’connor at
Ascension family promise coordinators
Ann O’Connor
Barbara Corey
Susan Pannell