Holiday 2017 Guide
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FISH Christmas Cards

Although we were not there to offer our own gifts to the Christ child that first Christmas, we can offer gifts to Christ as He comes to us today disguised as the hungry poor.

Ascension-led FISH Hospitality Pantries is providing an excellent opportunity for you to give gifts to family and friends while helping to end hunger in our community. When you participate in the FISH Christmas Gift Card project, FISH will send those on your Christmas shopping list an attractive gift card letting them know how many families are being fed in their name. Thanks to special purchases and donated food items, a family of four can be fed for three days with just a $5 gift.

The funds raised each year from this project help to stock our five neighborhood-based FISH Hospitality Food Pickup Pantries. The funds go quickly as our FISH pantries provide nearly 8,000 food bags each month to hungry families in Knoxville. This is more food bags provided than all other Knoxville pantries combined.

In addition to the 91,074 family food packages provided last year, we also distributed nutritious Kid’s Boost food bags to 11,804 children visiting our food relief pantries. Additionally, 3,296 Travel food bags were given out to people homeless or without home electrical power.

Sending FISH Gift Cards helps to raise awareness of poverty and hunger in our community and promotes gift giving that is in tune with the spirit of the season. Many people tell us they consider the FISH Gift Card one of the best gifts they receive.

FISH Gift Cards and information order brochures are available in the parish office. The order form can also be found at

The Christmas Roast Beast is Here!

The Smokin’ Brothers of The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew are smoking pork tenderloins for Christmas feasts. These 2-3 pound tenderloins will fill the bellies of all your guests and family! They will be available after each Christmas Eve service, 9:00 am, 5:00 pm, 8:00 pm, and 11:00 pm, as long as supplies last. A recommended donation of $15 will support the various ministries of the Brotherhood, including the preparing and serving of meals at Volunteer Ministry Center to homeless community members, and to University of Tennessee college students before worship at Tyson House.