Thursday, December 20, 2018 7:00 am

We opened with the Bonhoeffer reading and Allan led us in a prayer.

Members present
Bert Ackermann
Larry Beach
Roy Biberdorf
Jim Brock
Allen Douglass
Les Hargrove
Monty Harris
Jim Hodge
Emmitt Howard
Joe Johnston
Tom Ladd
Ed Lester
Danny Maddox
Mike Martinez
Aron Mast
Donald McGavin
Andrew Morehead
Greg O’Connor
John Robertson
Bob  Sowell
John Threadgill
Curtis Tipton
Bob Wadley
Terry Wertz
Allan Willoughby
Retreat:  22 men have made deposits for  the retreat.
Who will  not  be at our meeting next Thursday?
Welcome back to Allan
Suellen had to go to the ER because of a blood clot and is now home.
Allan told us that Jeff Butcher, President of the National Brotherhood of St Andrews, met with Bert, Ed, and Les a couple of weeks ago. Jeff reinterated the 7 missions of thebrotherhood and asked us to focus on one of them and develop a seminar that will focus on that missions. We will focus on recruiting millenials to the brotherhood. Allan left us with a question. “What cuases you to get up at 6:00 AM every Thursday and come to the Brotherhood meetings
Program:: “Advent for Everyone” Greg O’Connor led us in a discussionon the theme of Joy.
Program next week: Memories of Christmas Past
Breakfast next week: John Threadgill
Prayer requests
Les prays for the homeless
Remember one of Bob’s friends, Martha fields
Keep Ann in your prayers as she has eye surgery next
Linda Hawley
John and Ann Nelson
Pichard and Barbara Strelow
For those who do not experience joy
Emmitt Howard
Jim and Jane Phillips as they travel
Paul and Mary Lee Bergeron
Jim and Pam Brock
Larry Crowson
Joe and Suellen
Dalton Townsend
Allan Thanks for the Brotherhood, especially Danny and Sam
Bob Barnes
JIm Bowers
Allan’s Mom
We closed with the Prayer of St Andrews