Think about all the relationships you have in your life…

The deep, meaningful friendships, the love you share with your family…even the curiosity sparked by a new friend you’ve just met. While different, each is meaningful and none possible without three key elements: honesty, integrity and trust. Are these not the same three qualities that define the path God has provided us?

The honesty of God’s commandments.
The integrity of Christ’s selfless actions.
The trust and faith provided by the power of The Holy Spirit.

In fact, it is the honesty, integrity and faith we share with each other, our community and our world that brings life to express spirituality. It is God’s love, and Christ’s sacrifice that nourish the relationships we create, and fuel the life’s greatest rewards.

We invite you to build a relationship with the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Knoxville, Tennessee, today and discover your own path toward a closer relationship with God. Our vibrant community and diverse fellowship, education and ministry opportunities allow individuals to pursue an understanding of God at a depth and pace that’s right for them.

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension – Building a stronger relationship with God and each other.

Our Mission

To enable ourselves to experience God in Christ, to see and serve him in others, to grow toward Christ and to proclaim Him to the world.