The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is an international Episcopal men’s organization founded in Chicago over 100 years ago. Ascension’s chapter was formed in 2000 and has grown to approximately 35 members. It emphasizes prayer, study and service. It meets weekly on Thursday mornings at 7:00, opening with prayer followed by a discussion of the study topic of the week, sometimes including a guest speaker. Service projects include Circle of Friends, Family Promise, Tyson House, Volunteer Ministry Center, individual assistance to parishioners, and helping to set up for Ascension events, such as Rally Day and the Pig Roast. There are social get-togethers approximately every two months, including an annual picnic at Whitlow Park, a Super Bowl Party and parties at members’ homes. The annual weekend retreat at the Lake Logan Episcopal Center in North Carolina allows the brothers quality time with each other in directed discussion and fellowship. All men are welcome. The Brotherhood is a self-supporting ministry, mainly through activities of the “Smokin Brothers.” Email for more information.


The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew maintains a weekly programming schedule featuring guest presenters and study series. Typically the seasons of Advent and Lent highlight a book or resource for study. Outside of these seasons, the weekly programming includes such presenters as local and regional experts on historical (Civil War, Civil Rights, Writers, etc.), literary, theological, and public policy topics, as well as leaders in local government and non-profits (Metropolitan Planning Commission, TDOT, VMC, etc.).