Rally Day 2021

We are excited to invite you to this year’s Rally Day on September 12! After having to do church digitally and spaced out and masked for so long, we missed you and we are all hungry for some fellowship! We wish for each of you to call and invite a friend to join you and return to church at this year’s Rally Day. Here’s what we have planned:


During our 10:00 worship service, we will come together, enjoy a skit from the clergy, share eucharist and prepare our hearts to serve.



Following the 10:00 worship service, we will be offering box lunches from Honey Baked Ham Company. 


Rise Against Hunger

Following lunch, we will participate in a Rise Against Hunger Meal Packaging Event. Like in 2019, we will package 10,000+ meals together and there are tasks for all ages to participate in…from young runners to strong backed loaders to seated sealers, we need all hands rallying together to make a difference. Once our meals are packaged and loaded, they will later be sent to help feed a community in need. In 2019 our meals went to Tanzania, and this year we’ve set a volunteer goal of 100 participants! To sign up to participate, use the Rise Against Hunger sign up button below.


Each meal we prepare costs $0.34. To purchase the food and finance the shipping for the 10,000 plus meals we will package, we have set a goal of raising $5,000. To meet that goal, we need only 100 people to donate $50 each (or, about 150 meals). We can do that! To donate, please check out the Rise Against Hunger Giving Portal below.

Online Payments for T-Shirts and Lunch

If you would like to make online payments for your shirts and lunch, please use our giving portal. Link available below. Shirts can be paid for under the “Youth Special Projects” and lunch under “Food Donations”. If you do not have a giving portal login, just click “create a gift” and it will take you to the portal access.

We look forward to seeing you back at church on Rally Day!
Questions? Contact GiGi Logan at gigi@knoxvilleascension.org.