Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to His service, you could not give Him anything that was not in a sense His already.

— C.S. Lewis —

The Episcopal Church teaches that stewardship is “using the gifts God has given us, to do the work God is calling us to do.” We encourage you to think about what stewardship means to you, and the impact your pledge will have on Ascension, the Kingdom, and yourself. Although we must fund our budget, the amount you give is personal and not as important as the act of committing to God’s work by completing a pledge card and sending it in. Pledges may be submitted in person, by mail, or online. Celebrate Church of the Ascension’s Ingathering on Sunday, November 14, where you will have the opportunity to collectively drop pledge cards in the Stewardship Ingathering Box.

The letter from the 2022 Stewardship Committee is available for viewing by clicking the link below.

Online Pledge Card
Celebrate Church of the Ascension's Ingathering on Sunday, November 14. Your pledge will be forwarded to a secure, private email address and your information will be included in our giving files, just as it would be if you submitted in via a traditional pledge card. Thank you!