Explore Worship

Experience Christ and Community Together

Ascension has three worship services during the program year, and two during Summer, to best suit your schedule and your spiritual needs. We invite you to explore which service or services may best fit your needs. While there is no dress code, we know dressing for the occasion can be a challenge when visiting a new place. Guests and members find a broad variety of styles comfortable for worship, from business to dressy casual, and casual in the Summer months. A number of greeters and ushers will be available to answer any questions you may have while visiting Ascension. Clergy will be present at the exits to answer questions you may have.


7:45 Early Service

Contemplative, Introspective, Close

The 7:45 am early service is a quiet, introspective service that uses traditional language and minimal music to create a contemplative and calm service. In a busy, cluttered life, the 7:45 am service provides space, comfort, and a new pace of experiencing Christ. Many worshippers grab a cup of coffee in the parish office, or head out to brunch after the service. Located in the chapel, a part of the sanctuary, the easiest way to enter is to park on the front drive of the church and enter the wooden chapel doors, or to park in the main parking lot and follow the signs to the Nave.


9:00 Family Service

Engaging, Accessible, and Flexible

The 9:00 am service is a flexible, family oriented service that uses shorten readings and new prayers to create and engaging worship service. Featuring music by the Ascension Singers and the Boys and Girls’ Choir, and occasional instrumental music, the 9:00 am service has a variety of music and worship elements for you to connect with. The 9:00 am service ends, conveniently, before the Sunday School hour. We invite you to take the next step by visiting and connecting at the 9:00 am service.


11:15 Service

Musical, Classic, and Familiar

The 11:15 am service is the exemplary Episcopal worship service that features many engaging sung and spoken elements, choral works by the Parish Choir, and instrumental works on the organ, handbells, or solo instruments. The 11:15 am service is followed by Coffee Connection in the foyer area. Grab some coffee or a snack before heading out for lunch.