Below you may find information and tools for members regarding online giving, ACH, automatic payments, and financial statements for the church. Make sure to check out your Engage online profile for giving and membership information.

Online Giving

Online Giving Portal

Use the online giving portal to set up your profile, establish recurring pledge payments, or to donate one time to any of funds or projects.


Why an Endowment?

An endowment enables the parish to fulfill its mission beyond that which is possible through the annual operating budget, and to help sustain Ascension’s ministries into the indefinite future. Endowments empower ministry and are not to be used as a mere protection against uncertainties.

The Ascension Endowment Fund originated sometime around 1992. At present, The Endowment Fund is invested through a diocesan investment trust, the Episcopal Endowment Corporation Common Trust Fund.

In 2016, your Vestry approved new policies and guidelines for the Endowment Fund. This document provides the structure which describes how the money will be used, how much may be spent each year and who is in charge of making these decisions. Distributions are to be used for (a) outreach ministries and grants; (b) seed money for new ministries and special one-time projects; (c) capital improvements of the Parish; and (d) such other purposes as are specifically designated by donors. You may find and review The Endowment Policies and Guidelines in the parish library.

Stewardship of the Endowment Fund is provided by an Endowment Committee appointed by the Vestry. This committee is comprised of seven voting members (all parishioners); plus the Rector, Senior Warden, Planned Giving Committee Chair, and Finance Committee Chair, serving as non-voting members.


What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving encompasses a variety of ways that gifts can be made to the church from your accumulated resources. It usually involves financial or estate planning. However, it is not reserved only for the wealthy.

Planned Giving is a means by which anyone concerned with the wise use of his or her personal resources makes a considered choice about their ultimate disposition.

In general, planned gifts are made through:

  • A Bequest in a Will
  • A Life Income Gift such as a pooled income fund, a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust.
  • Gifts of Special Assets (real estate, closely held stock, life insurance and retirement accounts)

Planned giving establishes a way for a donor to first, provide for family members while, secondly, remembering the church.

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There are many ways to give at Ascension. The most basic method is to drop funds into the brass offering plate that is passed on Sunday mornings. However, long-term budgeting for mission and outreach requires planning based on projected giving. To make your giving more effective, consider completing a pledge card so that we may know what to plan on for the future.

To fill out your pledge online, simply download this form-enabled PDF, fill out the information, and then send the completed PDF to